Sunday, February 21, 2010

...Just a few more...

Maternity pics!

Bruce and I had so much fun doing these pictures yesterday. These are just a few the photographer sent us..there will be more to come :-D  

We are 33 weeks pregnant and cant believe there is only 5-7 more weeks left before we get to meet Evelynne!! Time is really starting to fly by and we are so excited!! Evelynne is doing great, growing, growing, growing. At our last appointment the doctor thought that Evelynne wasn't moving enough, so we had an u/s done last week to make sure she is doing okay in there. 

She was doing great. Apparently she just likes to sleep...A LOT!! She was yawning and practicing her breathing, so the doctors were happy with that. She is still breech and has 3 more weeks to turn, otherwise they are planning on scheduling a c section at 39 weeks which will be the week of Easter (April 4th!!) 

That is all for now. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!